Making and Decorating Photo Blocks

crystal photo frame with a glass picture is a beautiful piece of crystal work of art. These wonderful 3D crystal photo frames will bring your favorite photos to life like never before. When you want to remember a special moment in your life, you can use your crystal photo cubes or photo rectangles to capture your precious moments. You can also find some really great crystal photo items that you can buy that contain small crystal photo cubes and even small crystal photo squares. You can take any picture with your digital camera and have it transformed into crystal-clear glass picture cubes or photo rectangles that you can then save and frame for a lifetime of memories.

If you like to change your mood from time to time, you can easily do this by purchasing a crystal photo square. These beautiful light bases are very comfortable to stand on and will give you a good nights sleep no matter where you decide to go after you take your crystal photo. You can purchase these light bases in many different sizes to choose from. Each one of these crystal squares or rectangles has a smooth light base and comes embellished with a beautiful crystal heart.

If you prefer an item with more elegance than a crystal pictures frame with a glass picture you might prefer a crystal photo book. These crystal photo books are great because they look like a real book and you can display several at a time in a shelf or in a bookcase. They are made out of high-quality crystal and some of them even come with a glass cover so that the crystal does not get knocked out of the picture. The pages are made out of polyester or vinyl with some being heavier than others. You can purchase some of these books for less than $30, but the better ones will run into the hundreds of dollars.

Another great idea that you can use when making a crystal photo block or collage is to use a luminous base. A luminous base is simply a piece of blackboard paint that you paint on with a brush. You can also purchase luminous bases from most craft stores. After you paint on the luminous base, you can then use glitter on top of the blackboard paint or use beads or sequins to embellish your photo collages.

Using crystal photo frames as a gift for someone really means that they are worth more than the price of the photo frame itself. This will mean that you could pay hundreds of dollars for a beautiful picture frame and then give the person crystal photo cuttings instead. When you give a person something like this they will not only be impressed by the cuttings but will also be touched by how much you took the time to find something just for them. You can find crystal photo cuttings at any craft store, or on the internet. You should not have any trouble either buying the picture for your crystal photo frame or cutting one up yourself.

If you would rather skip the engraving and just have the photo block without the engraving then you will want to do that instead. Instead of adding engraving you can also remove the engraving by sanding the glass picture cube. Then you will want to glue the float inside the glass so that it cannot move around. Once the float is in place then you can put some white linen on top of it to protect it until you get the crystal photo block in place.

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