How to Create 3D Photo Crystals

To turn it into a priceless personal photo gift, place the crystal photo frame within a gift box. Also available in landscape format. Photos in landscape format can also be etched on the photo block with laser. To personalise the crystal photo, the personalisation is actually quite easy.

After you have purchased your crystal photo gift set, you are then going to want to personalise it by either using your own preferred photos or those of your family and friends. If you do not have any pictures that you want to include, then you can have them added in through laser engraving. This is a simple process that uses ink jet technology to give your chosen photos the perfect etched look that will be etched right onto the glass surface of your crystal photo frame.

Laser engraving generally produces fantastic results; however, it does take some time depending on the size of your crystal photo block. In order to get an accurate result, you will need to ensure that your photos are correctly sized. All you need to do to measure your photographs for this purpose is to simply take the top one-third of each image and measure the height and width of that piece of photo. This will give you the dimensions of your optical glass block and the depth of your portrait format photo block.

Once you have your desired depth and height of your engraved crystal photo, you are ready to begin the engraving process. The process uses two diodes. The first type of digital depth detector that you can use is a lesser detector. These are the most common on the market and produce accurate results. However, they can sometimes be a little too bright for certain lighter shades and the 2d photo crystals created with them might be slightly fuzzy.

A more advanced type of depth detector is a resistive crystal photo cell. These particular detectors are a little more expensive than lesser models but produce much sharper images. They are also available in a wide range of tessera types, so you should not have too many difficulties finding the right one to meet your needs. Once your chosen detector has been calibrated, you are ready to begin the process of engraving. The best way to do this is to set the crystal photo block between two sheets of standard photo paper (this will prevent light from bouncing around the glass).

Laser photo block engraving usually takes around 10 minutes. You will require a luminous base (these can be supplied as part of the original equipment package), a fine-tipped pen, and the photo you wish to engrave. Ensure that you have all of your personal details printed on the label before you begin. You can then lay the luminous base over the photo, making certain that it overlaps slightly. Laser engraving is a fairly straightforward process, but a bit time consuming if you are unfamiliar with it.

Engraving in a crystal photo block does not require a high degree of skill, and anyone can do it successfully. For most people, it is a simple matter of using the supplied engraving tools and making a nice clean line along the photo. Next, you can either use a pencil or a felt tip pen to put in a nice rounded shape, or just write around the edges of your favourite picture. If you use a felt tip pen, you should be careful not to put any sharp objects in the area, as this may cause a rift in the crystal photo.

Most engraving projects are easy, but those which require precision work should probably consider using high quality 3d photo crystals. These are available from a number of specialist suppliers and are used for everything from logos to stamps to coins. When using a crystal block for your photo, the engraving doesn’t just need to look neat – it also needs to be functional, without making the crystal look cracked. To ensure this is not the case, you should make sure that the surface on which you are going to engrave is clean, smooth and non-reflective. You can test it by holding your hand on the crystal, to see whether there is a visible line. It is worth paying a little more for high quality crystal blocks, but if you want to give a truly unique gift that will always be a hit, then you should always go for high quality optical glass.

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